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Vacation Security Tips

Vacation Security Tips

Follow these tips to keep your home more secure while you enjoy your vacation:

  1. Ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers and to check on your home at least once a day, at varying times, while you are away. This will help prevent criminals from establishing a pattern and taking advantage of it.
  2. Set your electronics, such as lights and television to be turned off and on by a timer.
  3. Do NOT post online, especially social networking sites that you are going to be leaving town. Criminals read those posts, too!
  4. Do not say you are going to be away or going on vacation on your voice mail or answering machine and DEFINITELY DO NOT leave detailed information regarding your absence where anyone can hear it.
  5. Before you leave, make sure all of your blinds, drapes, and curtains are closed. Otherwise, a single light from inside can undo all the work you’ve gone through to make your house look “lived in” while you are away.
  6. If you leave your own car in your driveway, make sure you lock the doors and remove any garage door remote into the house before you leave.
  7. When you leave, make sure the security system is activated, if you have one. Make sure that whoever is taking care of your house in your absence knows how to operate the system and that they will re-activate it after each time they check your home.
  8. Keep your personal information, such as extra credit cards, Social Security information, bank account information, birth certificates, and other sensitive information, in a place that is not readily accessible. A fire resistant, water resistant safe is an ideal place to keep these items from being stolen or damaged.
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