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Office Furniture Keys


Office Furniture Keys


When you are responsible for protecting sensitive information such as files or records, installing file cabinet locks can provide you with the increased peace of mind you need. Our locksmiths at All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio can implement new file cabinet locks or provide you with replacement keys for existing locks in your filing cabinet, desk or other office or cubicle furniture. These locking devices enable you to manage the security of confidential, valuable or personal information simply and efficiently.

As an award-winning locksmithing company, we stock a wide variety of different parts to suit the various needs of our customers. We provide a vast selection of file cabinet locks, including:


  • Regular Key Locks
  • Slam Locks
  • Latch Locks
  • Ball Key Locks
  • Capped Cylinder Cabinet Locks
  • Solenoid Locks
  • Handle Key Locks
  • Wrench Key Locks
  • Key Switch Locks
  • And more…


These measures amplify the security necessary for important documents such as:


  • Patient Information
  • Client Files
  • Customer Data
  • Family Records
  • Other types of discreet material


All Secured Security Services has over 25 years of experience in delivering quality locksmithing service. You can trust our licensed, bonded and insured professionals to deliver the security solutions you need for your business. If you are interested in more information on file cabinet locks and the security of other office furniture, contact All Secured in Columbus, Ohio today.

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