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Computer & Laptop Lockdowns


Computer & Laptop Lockdowns


Most everyone who uses computers worries to some extent about their files' security, however it only takes a short amount of time to secure your computer so that malicious individuals do not disrupt your personal information. The security professionals at All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio can help you protect your desktop computer or laptop from being hacked by installing computer lockdown equipment onto your system.


There are a number of benefits to using computer lockdown programs, such as the ability to prevent users from installing software that is not permitted or preventing individuals working on a shared computer from obtaining information from another user’s files.


Computer lockdown software does the following:


  • Restricts the programs a user can run
  • Temporarily locks your computer if your password is guessed
  • Restricts Users from Cutting, Copying, Pasting and Deleting Files
  • Puts a lock on programs that are minimized
  • Protects your data in an encrypted file vault


For more information on enhancing your data security with a computer lockdown, contact All Secured Security Services today. With over 25 years of experience in providing security solutions to the Columbus, Ohio community, you can trust our professionals to provide you with the right lockdown software for your computer or laptop while delivering the peace of mind you deserve.

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