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Daycare Access Control


Daycare Access Control


Having a safe and secure daycare center is one of the most important assets a childcare provider can implement. Not only does daycare access control regulate who may enter the building and when, it also helps in preventing children from exiting a building without permission. Daycare access control is an important factor in a parent’s search for a child care center, and All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio can help you install a security system that adds to the appeal of your facility.


Daycare access control can range from standalone devices to computers that monitor everyone in the building. There are a number of factors to consider before determining which system will work best for your needs such as:


  • Do you want to have a single common code or individual codes for every person?
  • Will the access control pad be located outdoors or indoors?
  • Are you interested in security for a perimeter entry door outside of the building?
  • Are you looking for restricted entry into interior classrooms and spaces?


All Secured Security Services understands the importance of finding a system that will work well for your daycare’s needs, providing you with security solutions that will keep the children, employees and visitors safe. For more information on installing a daycare access control system into your facility, contact the professional Columbus locksmith at All Secured today.

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